Mariokart 3DS

Posted: June 7, 2011 by Camcam281 in 3DS

Nintendo also showed off some awesome features in Mariokart 3D!!!! And let me tell you, this game looks worth the wait! One new feature, as shown below is the chance to customize your whole car!!! Now you have full control over your wheels, main seat, etc!

Another feature, which i wasn’t able to find any picture of, is the ability to drive on things other than land! You now have the option to fly, using a hang glider that comes out of your car when needed, and the option to drive underwater with a propeller that comes out of your car when needed!

I also noticed that it seems that they have used older race tracks, such as ones from the wii and old DS game for some of the gameplay shown. While it is not ALL old tracks, it is just a mix between old and new!

There is no release DAY or MONTH yet, but Nintendo has shortened the expectation period to this holiday season!



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